20 AprUsing the power of Social Network sites to meet people online

Here are a few suggestions how you can use the power of social networking sites to expand your potential dating contacts.

1. Use a chat room – All these kinds of sites will have a chat feature, chat rooms or one on one chat online, is a great way to make that initial contact in a safe anonymous way, and a way in which you can decide who is interesting to you and which contacts you may wish to take further.

2. Form or join an interest group – On your chosen site there will be groups of people with special interests that you can join and meet up with like minded people online, and if there isnt one that you like you can always start your own.

3. Explore friendship first – When you find people with whom you feel compatible it doesnt always mean you will be compatible for romance. If you start with the attitude that you are just trying to connect with new people, many of your contacts may turn into great social acquaintances or friends. By not ruling people out, just because you dont see that instant romantic spark, you will truly enhance your social life and who knows things can change and it may lead you to that special someone.

4. Be polite and open minded – It is possible you will receive a message from another member that you feel is not worth taking the time to write a response. If you take that extra couple of minutes to write a short reply, you never know where that contact may lead. It is possible that by being open minded, that other member could prove to be helpful by introducing you to someone else, or by helping you network for career advancement. You never know, so it never hurts to be polite.

Social networking sites are great places to meet new people, do not be too focused on meeting a romantic partner Keep an open mind, and use the comprehensive features available on the site ou will will expand your social network. Who knows where that will lead, have fun!

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