15 FebThe 3 Best Pieces Of Advice Suitable For The Brokenhearted

When you fall in love, it’s as if the whole world is smiling at you but once you got your heart broken, the pain you will feel seems like a knife stabbing your heart over and over again. We will hear a lot of stuff from the people who cares. They will be giving tips and pieces of advice, but no words can take the pain away. It’s normal because you wouldn’t be hurting if you didn’t learn to love. Here are the best pieces of advise that is suitable for someone who has a broken heart.

1. Love yourself

At this point when you are feeling depressed, and down, no love suggestions can take away the pain. It’s the reason why you should start with loving yourself. It’s only you who knows what kind of pain you are going through. Always put in mind that no better person can love you except yourself and it is the kind of love that will never fade.

2. Think that break up is a blessing in disguise

It is an advice that is easier said than done. No one can blame you if you don’t want to believe it. One day, you will just wake up realizing that it is indeed a blessing. It’s because you will learn a lot about yourself that you never realized. As a matter of fact, break up opens up a whole new opportunity in life.

3. Someone better will come along

Saying that the right one will come along is not correct because we do not hold the future. We wouldn’t know if he or she will be the one. Only one thing is for sure. Someone better will come along, and it’s because you have learned a lot of lessons never to make the same mistakes.

Feel free to listen to different tips, but it is your right if you decide to be deaf about it. The best advice should be coming from you and not from anyone else.

Infographic by: tamigreenlifecoach.com

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